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Wixta Industries is an Italian innovation company, born May 2009 as a spin off from Crisotech, world leader company in aerospace and defense ground support equipment, to consolidate research and development (R&D) ideas and results in the fields of advanced mechatronics for mechanical ground support equipment for satellites and in the energy saving domain.

Wixta Industries has developed innovative solutions for heat generation and water treatment, focusing on environmental aspects and thereby reducing their ecological footprint, through work with several R&D and production partners, among which Guidosimplex, Crisotech, Forestal, Ferrari Technology and Tor Vergata University.

Project: Hydrocavitator

Wixta Industries Srl plans to develop, manufacture and market an innovative heating and vaporization system, based on a "hydrodynamic cavitation" technology patented by one of its shareholder, Cristian Isopo, named "centrifugal rotary device for heating and/or vaporizing liquids" and licensed as "heat generator for private and industrial use", with the purpose of cutting down the operating energy consumption and vaporizing liquids for several civil and industrial applications among which treatment of swine sewage.

The definition of hydrodynamic cavitation is the sudden formation and collapse of low-pressure bubbles in liquids by means of mechanical forces. Cavitation can be assimilated to a liquid-gas phase change which is obtained by dropping the pressure at constant temperature, in order to go below the vapor pressure point of a liquid at a fixed temperature. It is necessary to distinguish cavitation from "boiling" that occurs when the temperature is increased at constant pressure.

Wixta's test set-up
Wixta's test set-up

It is an innovative device to generate heat with high efficiency exploiting the physics principles of "controlled hydrodynamic cavitation" thanks to apposite geometrical configuration and controls. Although the detailed physical principle is not yet modeled, Wixta Industries' "Cavitation Heating System" is a complete functional unit with many capabilities that can be applied to fulfill all necessity for heat, replacing present traditional heat generator such as combustion boilers and electrical resistance systems, with considerable benefits in terms of reducing both the energy consumption and the environmental impact.

At the same time the device for the vaporization of liquids is a "Cavitation Reactor" producing chemical cracking in aqueous solutions, due to the intense localized strains of pressure and temperature of molecules with higher weight than water molecules, and subsequent vaporization of the products with a cracking reaction.

The Hydrocavitator Project is also relevant for industrial treatment of swine sewage (as well as cattle sewage) to abate ammonium nitrate with very high efficiency, according to EU Regulation number 91-676-CEE.

Wixta's business idea is an innovative answer to an important ecological problem providing an economic solution to reduce the time and space for disposing the urea in the sewage, which in intensive breeding plants is a very large ecological problem - in average 1 single pig generates some 3.600 liters of sewage per year.

From space to industry

The technology developed by ESA for the “Cavitating Pump Test Facility” and other knowledge related to the cavitation phenomenon being studied by ESA for space vector analysis, could be an important contribution to the improval of the performances of Wixta's Cavitation Heating Generator and the Cavitation Treatment Reactor.

ESA Business Incubation

Wixta Industries was under incubation at ESA BIC Italy from June 2010 to June 2011 and hosted at BIC Lazio’s ITech Incubator, partner of ESA business incubation initiative at ESRIN-Frascati.

The goal was to optimize and validate the performances of an cavitation heater and a device for sewage treatment in collaboration with ESA during the incubation period, carrying out experiments to substantiate the geometry of such devices and optimize their functional parameters.


Cristian Isopo, Wixta Industries R&D Director


Cristian Isopo
Tel +39 338 2032720
Fax +39 06 80368901

Wixta Industries Srl

BIC Lazio’s ITech Incubator
Via Giacomo Peroni 442/444
00131 Rome, Italy

Wixta Industries website:

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